Cryo PC is no more

With the tech market getting tighter and tigher over the past few years we have seen a number of custom PC system integrators go under - one of the latest, Cryo PC.

Here once was a flouriushing website rich with the latest PC processors, graphics cards, RAM, Hard Drives and elabourate cooling systems capable of being chosen at will and installed to your very own gaming PC. Unlike the likes of Mesh, Yoyotech & OP3 PC where they closed their doors with everyones money inside and started up with a new director or alias with a "clean slate" Cryo were one of the good guys and in 2012 they closed their doors for good with mainly distributors money behind the doors rather than customers hard earned money.

Broken Cryo PC computer?

If you were one of the unfortunate customers to lose out then there is pretty zero you can do now to claim a repair or ask them to upgrade, the company is long gone. You would be best off getting in contact with one of the more reptiubale custom pc builders in the game and asking if they can help, I can recomend UK Gaming Computers who appear to have the best if not one of the best reputations in the business.


At the time, this is what they had to say;

Cryo PC is the leading Custom PC designer and build er in the UK and one of the leading companies in the world. The company specialises in high performa nce compute related hardware technology, projects and solutions; typically workstations, ser vers, storage servers (NAS), gaming desktops and home theatre appliances. Cryo PC achieves standards of excellence due to having an experienced team of professionals, access to unique electronics cooling technologies (Phase Change Sub-zero cooling) and considerable experience and expertise with conventional water and air cooling technologies. Cryo PC is a thought leader in the field.

• Best in class performance – Cryo PC has broken worl d records, won many awards, achieved prestige and media accolades by designing the best new workstations and desktops

• Personal Service by Experienced IT Professionals – the small Team is made up of professionals with many years of wide ranging in depth experience working in defence, government, health, finance and engineering

• Individualised Customisation and Consultation – our team build personal relationships with many of our customers based on trust and a track record of delivering on commitments and having the interests of the customer at heart

• Performance Tuning and Optimisation – extensive knowledge is required of how a computer works in order to diagnose and fix performance issues. The Cryo team uniquely has a broad and deep knowledge of electronics, thermodynamics, hardware and software design and engineering

• Obsolescence Reduction – Cryo PC ensure machines are upgradeable and allow for future changes and additions. Using current hardware in the first place ensures designs have a good lifetime. High performance ensures lack of per formance becomes a factor in the replacement decision far later than it otherwise would.